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About Elster-Instromet Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H., Austria
Elster-Instromet Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. our representative office in Austria.


About Elster NV/SA, Belgium
Elster NV/SA
With close to 160 employees, the Essen site is the heart of Integrated Metering Solutions: whether it is single-stream lowpressure stations with compact conversion devices or complex high-pressure stations with redundant measuring paths, gas quality analysis and visualization, data acquisition and diagnostic systems – Elster Belgium offers the complete process chain of system and plant development. From concept to commissioning – the customer can rely on high quality. The broad product portfolio includes offshore metering systems and gas metering stations for high-pressure pipelines and compressor stations, power plants, LNG terminals and underground gas storage
facilities, industrial plants or biogas plants. Highlights are low-pressure and high-pressure test rigs – here Elster-Instromet is Number One!


About Elster-Instromet A/S, Denmark
Elster-Instromet A/S our representative office in Denmark.


About Elster S.A.S., France
Elster S.A.S.
Located in Lognes in the French administrative department of Marne-la-Vallée, Elster S.A.S. unites the activities of Compteurs Magnol, Instromet and Kromschröder under one roof. In addition to products and systems from the fields of gas measurement and gas utilization, it also distributes measuring instruments for applications in gas production or gas storage as well as for gas transport. Residential gas meters and associated products also feature in the company's portfolio. If you are an industrial end user, we can develop complete solutions to update your furnaces with the most efficient combustion systems. Our specialists are ready to inspect and assess your plants for this purpose.


About Elster GmbH, Germany
Elster was founded in 1848 by Johannes Siegmar Elster in Berlin, relocated to Mainz in 1875 and then to Mainz-Kastel in 1954 with an increased production floorspace. Additional sites have been set up over the years in Osnabrück, Wuppertal, Dortmund and Hameln. By merging with European and international firms, e.g. the Instromet Group in Belgium and the Netherlands, Elster has extended its global market presence. In 2008, all German firms were merged into Elster GmbH, without giving up their respective sites.

Production of the diaphragm gas meters for the sizes BK-G4 V2 to BK-G25 is allocated to the “Gas Distribution” segment. This is highly automated, especially for residential gas meters. The development department for this segment is one of our core competences and is responsible for all other sites in the Elster Group worldwide where BK meters are produced. It therefore plays a crucial role in all smart metering developments in the gas sector. Sales and marketing are based at the Mainz-Kastel site.

The other business segments “Mechanics”, “Electronics” and “System Technology” belong  to the “Gas Utilization” business unit. Sales and marketing for “Gas Utilization” are based at the Lotte site. The expression of the entire technical competence is the development centre with the associated laboratory facilities.


About Elster S.r.l., Italy
Elster s.r.l.
Since 2000, Elster has expanded its activities in the sale of commercial and industrial meters and in 2010, underwent a fundamental change – from a product supplier to a provider of highly sophisticated solutions. Of course in doing so, Elster has not lost sight of the components business which still represents our core business.


About Eclipse Combustion bv, Netherlands
Eclipse Combustion bv our representative office in the Netherlands.


About Elster-Instromet B.V., Netherlands
Elster-Instromet B.V. our representative office in the Netherlands.


About Elster Aeroteh S.R.L., Romania
Elster Aeroteh S.R.L. our representative office in Romania.


About OOO Elster Gaselectronica, Russian Federation
OOO Elster Gaselectronica our representative office in the Russian Federation.


About Elster s.r.o., Slovakia
Today Elster s.r.o. has a workforce of over 620 people, making it one of the largest manufacturers of gas meters, water meters and regulators in Central and Eastern Europe. The new, modern production facilities and technologies have not only put Stará Turá on the map but have also underlined the spirit adopted by the Elster Group for the future – having top technology available on every continent in the world extending to the research stations in the Arctic.


About Eclipse Combustion S L, Spain
Eclipse Combustion S L our representative office in Spain.


About Elster GmbH, Spain
Elster GmbH our representative office in Spain.


About Eclipse Combustion Ltd., United Kingdom
Eclipse Combustion Ltd. our representative office in United Kingdom.


About Elster Metering Limited, United Kingdom
In 2007, as part of a wider re-structuring exercise, Elster merged its UK operations into one company, Elster Metering Ltd., forming the basis of our future strategy to gain strength through our diversity across multiple market sectors and disciplines. Elster enjoys a long and prestigious history within the UK gas industry through renowned industry trading names such as Jeavons, IGA, Kromschröder and Instromet, all of which form part of the Elster Group.