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  • Fueling partnerships

    For more than 60 years, Elster has worked with GrDF in France


  • Kromschröder

    Controls and burners for heat treatment systems for commercial & industrial manufacturers


  • Integrated systems

    Comprehensive pipeline custody transfer solutions, innovative low pressure distribution products and metering systems


  • Natural Gas

    Our advanced technologies and systems meter, regulate, distribute, control and utilize natural gases for utilities and industrial companies


  • From the wellhead to the burner tip


Elster Gas Offerings



Elster Instromet
Ever since 1848, Elster Instromet has played an important role in developing metering technology. From assisting with gas measurement 50 years ago at one of the largest gas deposits at the time (in Slochteren, the Netherlands) we have evolved into a global leader in fiscal flow and energy measurement products, stations and services for the natural gas industry.

We have a reputation of delivering high-quality and innovative gas measuring and regulating devices. Our global expertise and integrated approach with a team of various specialists allow us to provide you with a total concept to meet your requirements and manage the whole project for you.


Elster Meter
Whether it’s regulation, metering, data collection, data transfer or evaluation, Elster Meter offers solutions for every application – customized to the specific needs of each individual customer – either as single components or complete systems. The metering and regulation product range covers devices for measuring consumption which can be used both for custody and non-custody transfer as well as traditional gas regulators for low, medium and high pressures. For the field of gas metering, Elster has also developed volume converters and flow computers. These range from temperature volume converters for commercial customers to flow computers for stations in the fields of gas distribution and transportation. 
Elster Perfection offers a complete line of gas distribution products that allow installers to make safe and fast easy connections from “main to meter” and from “tank to house”.


Elster Thermal Solutions
Elster Thermal Solutions is committed to providing its customers with combustion and heating solutions that are safe, reliable, efficient and clean. To ensure that objective, Elster Thermal Solutions is pioneering a service network that spans the globe with a variety of programs to provide safety trainings, energy and safety audits, efficiency and emission maintenance programs and more.
  • Kromschröder is the leading manufacturer of products and system solutions for safeguarding, measuring and controlling gas. Kromschröder controls and solutions guarantee safe heating and controlling industrial and residential heat processes.
  • Eclipse provides established expertise in industrial gas combustion, service and safety and a dominant position in the glass melting industry. Eclipse burners guarantee reliable heat processes within high and low temperature applications of all industrial heat processes.
  • Hauck supplies combustion solutions to the asphalt and fracking industries controlling a complete line of relevant burners, a knowledgeable staff of engineers, and tightly integrated combustion solutions to match the needs within those specific applications. Hauck asphalt burners reduce fuel costs and make combustion processes more efficient.
  • ermaf supplies farmers who are keen to obtain value for money with the closed combustion heating system Thermorizer or the well-known direct heater series GP. ermaf air heaters guarantee a comfortable climate in animal sheds for a maximum output in a healthy environment.
  • Exothermics is the leading source of reliable, high-quality, heat exchangers for industrial equipment manufacturers and industrial end-users around the world. Exothermics’ World Class Heat Exchangers have been used in every industry that used heat to process, dry, cure, bake or finish their product. 
  • CEC Combustion Safety is the industry lead in the field of fuel systems and combustion equipment safety, providing value to clients in 4 key areas: inspections & testing, upgrades & retrofit of combustion equipment, training and gas hazards management. CEC exists to prevent explosions and fires in customers facilities and provide peace of mind.