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About Elster GmbH, China
Elster GmbH our representative office in China.


About Elster Kromschroeder GmbH, China
Elster Kromschroeder GmbH our representative office in China.


About Hauck Combustion Equipment Limited, China
HCE a major hub for Elster Kromschröder operation in China. Producing industrial burners for local heat treatment applications.


About Elster-Instromet India Pvt. Ltd., India
Elster-Instromet India Pvt. Ltd. our representative office in India.


About Kromschroeder India Representative Office, India
Kromschroeder India our representative office in India.


About Elster GmbH, Japan
Elster GmbH our representative office in Japan.


About Elster-Instromet Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
Today, EISB directly covers countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. The capability to provide sound engineering for integrated metering solutions coupled with excellent after-sales support is considered the key to continuing corporate success.

Thus, EISB has invested in a training programme and offers a professional training course on integrated metering systems to both its customers and staff. This provides high-grade added value to Elster’s range of products which has a positive impact on customers’ loyalty  towards the brand.


About Elster-Instromet Sdn. Bhd., Singapore
Elster-Instromet Sdn. Bhd. our representative office in Singapore.


About Elster GmbH, South Korea
Elster GmbH our representative office in South Korea.